Gro early access with Argent

Gro Protocol is now open to all users of Argent wallet. Download the Argent mobile app either on the App Store or through Google Play and get early access to Gro.

Our mission at Gro is to empower people to easily create and share wealth. We do this by combining the best of decentralised finance (DeFi) with great consumer experiences from the rest of the fintech world.

That’s why we partnered with Argent, the “most simple and secure Ethereum wallet”. Argent makes DeFi easy by providing a user-friendly experience without compromising on security.

You can now access Gro directly from the Argent mobile app.

Intro to Argent

Argent is a mobile Ethereum wallet that makes access to Web3 easy.

It’s a non-custodial solution for digital money, assets and identities, “combining sleek design with bulletproof security”.

They protect more than $1bn with multi-signature transfers and no seed phrases, using social recovery and guardians together with biometric authentication.

The Argent mobile app offers direct access to 10 exchanges and several DeFi applications (including Gro), meaning you don’t need another wallet to access the world of DeFi.

How to use Gro with Argent

Using Gro is easy with Argent, and works directly from the Argent mobile app.

Get involved

Join our Discord if you have any questions and to give us feedback on what you like and don’t like! You can also access our app via a desktop browser at but you’ll need a MetaMask wallet for that.

Stay safe

Gro has undergone several audits and has partnered with Argent because of our shared focus on security. However, DeFi is a very new space and while that’s exciting, there are many risks involved. Make sure you do your own research and only supply assets that you can afford to lose.



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